Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finding God's Playground

WHEN TWO PEOPLE FIRST MEET...well, three people in this case (we are the exception to the rule) they're often drawn to one another by the fun they have when they're together.  Jon and I got to know one another first - then brought Hope into the relationship by taking her to lunch, somewhere fun, with a playground.  My point exactly.  

By this point the three of us were constantly on the go - our schedule packed with fun filled activities.  I'm telling you, there is never a dull moment with my kid.

But I hear it all the time "before I got married, we could afford to have fun" or "before the kids, we used to go out and have fun."  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  SAD!
Okay, so before marriage it's probably "easier" to have fun.  But once you get married, it's only natural for the stresses of life to build.  There are bills to pay, new responsibilities to be met, and before you know it, life becomes more serious.  Ours did, for sure.  We built a new home (no, I didn't live there), got married (then I got to live in the new home), beautiful honeymoon, our lovely monsoon, took Hope to the beach for Memorial Day (we had to go return the rental), car went to Saturn of Thornton service dept, I'm back in a rental, again my point exactly! Life becomes more serious and unforeseen difficulties.  

No wonder they say "before I got married..." The pleasure of life they once knew has squeezed out the fun they once shared with their families.  I can see how this happens.  There isn't time, energy, or money to have as much fun as they once had.
I see this happen to our young married friends, our friends with small children, and even my friends at work who aren't even married yet, some that are in serious relationships and have been dating for many years - who are devoted to their boy/girl friends and troubled times have hit hard recently partially due to this very reason.

When Jon and I laugh together, we create an emotional connection that I feel in my heart is necessary to get through any disagreements we may have within our marriage.  It also helps maintain a strong and healthy friendship, and allows Jon and I both to be more relaxed.  When we are relaxed, we find that we are able to relate to another in a more positive manner.  

When the busyness and pressure of our everyday life get in the way - our stress, okay (my) stress level builds.  When we are stressed, fine when (I) am stressed , I become more irritable, and impatient. Having fun relieves stress and builds great memories and I am blessed to have a wonderful husband to remind me of this very thing.  

Lighten up and develop a good sense of humor. If not for yourself, do it for your kids.  I have an outgoing sense of humor, while Jon has a great sense of humor, but his is more on the dry side. So dry at times, I don't even get it. Laughter makes you feel better.  It's the best medicine currently on the market!  And...it's cheap.

Hope and I will find something so ridiculous, insanely hilarious and Jon will smile at us and just shake his head.  I'll say "how could you not think that was funny?" and he will say "I did" and I'll ask him, "well, why aren't you laughing then?" and Jon will tell me "I was, couldn't you tell, I was laughing on the inside."

Our little family is developing responsibilities and that is alright. We are committed to serving the Lord and doing what needs to be done and wearing a smile.  Our family is one of cheerful hearts and sense of humors.  We will play to our heart's content and laugh until our sides hurt.

The Lord has taught us not to take life too seriously, not letting the trials and troubles of each day blind us to the excitement and joy that surrounds us. He has blessed us with a fine balance between hard work and solid play.  Reminding us that for six He created, and on the seventh He rested.  Showing us how to rest, relax and play.  He has placed in our hearts a sparkling laughter that can lighten the heaviest burden.  

Our little family is blessed with enthusiasm for all that is good, right and pure.  It is my hope and prayer the laughter in our home will lift up those around us, neighbors and friends and spread beyond those we come in contact with - lifting there spirits and pointing them to a source of all hope. 

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven...A time to cry and a time to laugh.  A time to grieve and a time to dance. - Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

To My Sister
    * Thank you to my loving sister, whose marriage of twelve years, has been such a wonderful symbol of unity to follow.  You and Chris amaze me daily in your faith and watching you raise your beautiful children.  The Lord worked through your marriage and parenting and used the two of you as a fine example of His amazing love for me to follow. He got my attention.  It's an honor to be your sister.  For if we had not spent Saturday together, this journal entry wouldn't have been possible.  You inspire me.  I love you Jenn.

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monica said...

Even in your newlywed status, you are so wise. I whole heartedly agree with your thoughts here. Did you read my post on our anniversary? People say "marriage is hard" .. "we have to work at it".. to me all the time. I smile, but I don't get it. Our marriage isn't perfect and we definitely don't agree or have the same opinions on everything. But.. our marriage IS easy. It's fun, it's comforting, it's loving, it's home.
When it's meant to be, ordained by God, I think it's suppose to be like that.

God bless your marriage now and always!!! Love you both bushels.